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Monday, March 4, 2013

John Cavadini on Evangelization and Healing. Intrinsically connected is not the right phrase. They have to be the same. Jesus essentially came to "free the captives." This is his anointing that the "deaf hear, the blind see and the poor have the gospel preached to them." Cavadini is wrong to say that healing has to proceed from evangelization because he sees evangelization as the doctrinal presentation of dogma. Evangelization is to free the captives and set them free. It is not a liberalism which allows them to get the crumbs off our table but a Good News which brings them into the fullness of life. It is not that we let them sit at our table but we give them an honored place. We wash their feet. It is not as important to explain the Trinity or the dominance of the pope as it is to set the captives free. "THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE HE ANOINTED ME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR. HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES, AND RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, TO SET FREE THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED, The Good News is that the life of Christ is available to all and that we begin this life in this world. Not a proclamation of dogmas that we really do not understand. When we put dogma (evangelization) first we end up with marvelous (and strange) red cossacks and ancient miters which bespeak of empire so that the Vatican becomes a place where we must preserve royalty and from which we will condemn those who set the captives free. When the captives are freed God is glorified. The false glorification of God leads to Charlemagne, Bernard of Clairvoux and the exaltation of Europe over everybody else. Jesus puts the captives first in his anointing. So should we.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ross Douthat Still Superficial I appreciate the way Ross outlines his essay. He gives us a lot to consider citing meaningful sources while his interpretations indicate that he has hardly read them. But the biggest mistake Douthat makes is equating Spong with Ratzinger’s Catholic critics. These Catholic critics are people with strong moral values who want to see a gospel Catholicism as opposed to an inquisitional one. Such people as Elizabeth Johnson, John O Malley, Thomas Reese, Hans Kung, Bernard Haring, Charles Curran, Tissa Balasuriva, Paul Collins, Joan Chittister, and a host of others, are hardly people who are laissez faire Catholics. Douthat further shows his certified ignorance with the following statement. “This doesn’t mean there isn’t some further version of reform, some unexpected synthesis of tradition and innovation, that would serve Catholicism well.” If he had seriously read the above authors (and other Catholic scholars) he would have found solid avenues for renewal. While he is clever and outlines the problems of the church he continues to show a stubborness for superficial analysis. As far as Ratzinger is concerned it seems to me that he has come full circle and even like a man without a country, as it were. The young progressive theologian bolted to the right when radical students took over his podium which made him choose a different path. That fifty year turn to the right has had the same result with his own traditionalists making him irrelevant where he could not even control them.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Those Censured by Benedict XVI have more Gospel than he.

Favorable sentiments for Benedict XVI is a result of the “damnatio memoriae” which the Vatican does so well. Indeed, I had to take a double take at feeling sorry for Benedict as he departed from the papacy. It is the power of “teflon” and staging. History will be kinder to Kung than all the theologians you cited. He stayed the course and did not relent under those who truly sought to undermine Vatican II. It would have been very difficult to have the constructive opposition to Rome without Hans Kung. In fact what is best about the great documents of Vatican II bear Kung’s imprint. Mostly everybody else caved in while Kung stuck to his principles. His masterpiece “On Being a Christian” will be read by future generations more than anything by JP II and Benedict XVI. The Vatican can erase the memory, “damnatio memoriae”, of Haring, Guttierez, Kung, Curran and others. But the truth will come out in their favor.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Send the Vatican a Message

“For the Catholic Church, it has been “all bad news, all the time” since Benedict took office in 2005: a papal insult to Muslims; a papal embrace of a Holocaust denier; molesting by priests and cover-ups by their superiors. When the Scottish cardinal Keith O’Brien resigned on Monday amid reports of “inappropriate” conduct toward priests in the 1980s, the routine was wearingly familiar. It’s enough to make any Catholic yearn to leave the whole mess for someone else to clean up.” Benedict messed up. Are we going to face it or continue the absurd rhapsody? Yes it has been all bad news all the time.” Those of you who zero in on missing Mass have not thought it out. Ellie also promised to go to about ten other services on Sunday. Simultaneously!! Of course it is Satire. But do we get the point? Ellie is trying to wake us out of our unconscionable sleep. Where we tolerate the most egregious behavior from the pope and bishops. The scandals that continue are really our fault. Our heroes cannot be wrong. We can’t get out of idolizing humans. The Vatican is more important than jesus. We love the Empire over the church of Jesus Crucified.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shameful trappings of the papacy

We should not ignore the symbolism of this whole transition. Supreme Pontiff with all his trappings now goes temporarily to lavish vacation home of popes. Then he will return to specifically built quarters just for him with lavish care and attendants. The head of the church, Jesus, was shamefully crucified before two thieves. He never had all these attendants and always served rather than served. The trappings of the papacy remains a prodigious scandal to the Crucified Jesus who insisted that the leaders should serve and that the last should be first.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Galileo and Contraception--The pope's speech

"And we knew that the relationship between the Church and the modern period, right from the outset, had been slightly fraught, beginning with the Church’s error in the case of Galileo Galilei; we were looking to correct this mistaken start and to rediscover the union between the Church and the best forces of the world, so as to open up humanity’s future, to open up true progress." (MEETING WITH THE PARISH PRIESTS AND THE CLERGY OF ROME ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT XVI Paul VI Audience Hall Thursday, 14 February 2013) How many caught this in the pope's speech? Comparable to Galileo is the church's stand on contraception. Contraception is considered one of the great health advances of the twentieth century. Yet the RCC has given more grief and caused more harm with its resistance to condoms and other methods to limit birth. Will a future council or synod seek to "correct this mistaken start and to rediscover the union between the Church and the best forces of the world, so as to open up humanity’s future, to open up true progress." Then came Ottaviani, Woyitla and Humanae Vitae. And of course, those self aggrandizers, Neuhaus, wiegel and Novak. Quite an interesting comment by the pope. Do we see the irony?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wash the feet of one another. Servants not Priests. Gary Wills

The preoccupation with the apology is an unfortunate distraction from the theology involved. Will's theology is sound and Vatican II began to straighten that out until Ottaviani and Co. started to modify the documents. So this is nothing new. This is why Vatican II talked about "presider" rather than priest. The Body of Christ is really the church which is what Jesus meant when he said that the second commandment, Love your neighbor, is equal to the first, Love God with all your being. The harmful sacralization of presiders is a principal reason why there is so much error surrounding this office. At one time there were priests solely for the purpose of saying Mass, nothing else, so they could monetize the stipends. The fallacy that each Mass saves a thousand worlds is related to this. Nowadays a terrible practice of sending Nigerian and Indian priests here is an apt example. Worst of all because these men are needed to minister to their own people so many of whom are living in squalor. The idea for sending the priests here is to continue the Eucharist. The fact is that the community makes the Eucharist, not the priest. That terrible error allows millions in the missions to go without the Eucharist. It is not celibacy that prevents the Eucharist from happening. It is the fallacy of a regal priesthood. The priesthood and bishops are the creation of an Empire church. The hierarchy always got away with this faulty theology because of an uneducated and intimidated laity. Now that the guillotine cannot be used by the church as a weapon we see more clearly. The cover-up of sex abuse should have given us the definitive answer. The bishops and pope were more concerned about their reputation than the welfare of children. We do need officials in the church. But we need to center on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus which the Eucharist is. Not a symbol of power and domination. So stop calling the pope , bishops and priests "Father" because you have one Father in heaven as Jesus admonishes. Keep church officials responsible and remind them that they are servants not rulers. Then your scandals will be minimized